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ReNew Foods
Creating food that’s good for you & good for the planet
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Our Mission

To develop great tasting healthy snacks from high-quality, rescued fruit & vegetable juice pressings.

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At ReNew we believe in getting the most out of life. 

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We believe in getting the most out of the food we eat, that's why we give a second life to pulp left over from the cold pressed juicing process. We're harnessing the fiber and protein to create new bars that not only taste great, but are good for you and the planet. We promise to only use the best quality ingredients for our vegan, gluten-free, up-cycled bars. 

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Why Food Waste? 

Once we learned how much good quality food ends up in landfills we were determined to find sustainable solutions. Understanding that food ends up in the trash instead of on the table for a variety of reasons, like confusion about expiration dates, high aesthetic standards for produce, price fluctuations and inefficiencies with food production, we knew there must be a lot of ways to start fighting the massive amounts of food waste that occur every day. We started investigating the kind of food that is systematically thrown away.  

What we found surprised us. 

In a lot of cases, it's still perfectly healthy, nutritious, and perfectly safe to eat. 

We combined forces to find the best organic fruit and veggie pulp out there, and turn it into deliciously healthy snacks you can eat on a hike, on the way to the gym, at work, or anywhere else you find yourself needing a boost.

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"We live in a world where we have Vegamite because of brewing beer, so there’s plenty of room for [ReNew Food's] Mocha Bites because of the juicing industry. And we’re pretty stoked to see and taste what they come up with next."

UPROXX Magazine

The Founders


Maddison Gurrola

Chief Executive & Innovation Officer

Emily Gousen

Chief Financial & Operations Officer

Our founders started with a mission to prevent food waste in an effort to keep our planet green from the snow to the sea. 

Our Skills:

  •  6 years working in food production
  •  2 years working on farms
  • Degrees:
    • Masters International Agricultural Development
    • Masters Agricultural Resource Economics
    • Bachelors of Science, Nutritional Science
    • Bachelors of Arts, Environmental Science
  • Postharvest Management certificate
  • Professional Culinary Certificate
  • 1500+ hours developing new food products in test kitchens
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