Winter Fancy Food Show

ReNew Foods was fortunate to participate at the 2018 Winter Fancy Food Show for their Taste Tomorrow exhibit! It was an amazing experience and the first expo that we attended. First thank you to everyone that made their way to our booth. It was awesome getting to talk to you all first hand, if you didn’t get a chance to stop by please do in the future! Secondly thanks for all of the feedback. We have been working hard to adjust the recipe and we’re very happy with the results. We’ve also been busy testing some delicious new flavors for those non-coffee lovers so look out for those in the near future!

While we were busy in the booth for most of the show we did have a chance to run around and see the other amazing products at the show. We’re so excited to see all of the health forward and plant based brands on the show floor, as well as those emerging sustainable and up-cycled brands! Can’t wait for the next expo to show that our food is not waste.

Renew Foods